Beate Andrine Hallerud

Beate Andrine Hallerud

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From the start it is important to get as much information as possible from the client with regards to their needs, both conceptual and practical. A meeting is always useful, and gives designer and client a chance to get on the same page. That is where the designer gets an idea of how the client wishes to be portrayed and within what budget and time frame we are working.

Whether it is a simple project of creating 3D images and videos of products and shops, or creating a new concept from floor to ceiling, a budget is presented within the limits of the initial phase. I prefer to start with an idea process where 1-2 different solutions are presented in images and videos. If there are existing shops, I will explore these and take pictures. These will then be used for portraying the differences in the old and new concepts. I always interview the shop assistants and managers to get an idea of how they would like improvements and changes.

When the first idea phase is completed, client and designer go through the images and this is where we decide how to move forward. Much has then been decided to lead us into the next phase of getting the design and all the elements, colours and materials in place. A new presentation is made in Powerpoint, and adjustments are made accordingly. Often this takes some time, as client and designer are gettig the concept just right for the production phase. Often the client already has a good network of producers and suppliers, and I am happy to work with them. If there should be a need for introducing new suppliers, I have contacts in all fields of production and supply of shop fittings.

Once the designs are accepted and ready for production, technical descriptions are produced for suppliers, and presented for final adjustments. In the final phase, producers an suppliers are contacted for offers. The selected suppliers bring all drawings to their technical staff and create their own production drawings. When the first shop opens with the new concept, it is important to go through the results critically and make adjustments accordingly. I work with big and small clients, sometimes all that is needed is to produce 3D drawings of the clients products, and sometimes a complete new concept needs to be formed .

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